Old Owl Well


In the hills south of Conyberry is a strange location known as Old Owl Well. Several centuries ago, an outpost of Netheril was stationed here, though it’s unclear if the outpost was a trading post or a watering hole. In either case, the small keep had a well that piped water from nearly five miles below the surface, producing 20 gallons of water a day.

Every power group, save for the Harpers, have tried to control the well, charging travelers steep fees for the use of the water. Amelior, a relatively infamous mage, investigated the well to determine its magical nature. His finding was inconclusive, leading him to believe that the well is indeed magical. Nothing he could do would drop•even temporarily•the water level enough for him to see how the well operates. Please note this is the only water source within a three day ride, which gives the location some strategic importance.

Now, Old Owl Well is nothing but a ruined watchtower that had nothing but a few crumbling walls. However, the well still pumped clean water.

Rumors that someone or something is digging around the ruins as several prospectors have reported being chased away by undead creatures.

Old Owl Well

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