Bryn Shander is the largest of ten settlements known
collectively as Ten-Towns, located in the frigid heart of
lcewind Dale. Here, caravans from the south converge
with traders from across lcewind Dale to swap goods
and rumors. Fishers, trappers, furriers, and sellswords
rub elbows in the town’s taprooms, and gruff dwarves,
wide-eyed travelers, and skulking ne’er-do-wells wander
its streets. Merchants from the south trade dyes, hardwood,
dried herbs and spices, textiles, fruits, wines, and
other commodities for scrimshaw and other items made
from the bones of the knucklehead trout that populate
the region’s rivers and lakes.

The town is situated atop a hill south of the mountain
known as Kelvin’s Cairn, a major landmark in Icewind
Dale. From its windswept perch, Bryn Shander has a
commanding view of the surrounding tundra, and an
attacking force must climb the barren hillside under fire
from archers before it can assault the outer wall

The buildings of Bryn Shander are plain wooden
structures with pitched rooftops to keep snow from
settling on them. Clouds of white smoke issue forth day
and night from stone chimneys and holes in rooftops.
Each community in Ten-Towns has an elected speaker
who leads the residents and represents their interests.
The current speaker of Bryn Shander is Duvessa
. She has appointed Markham Southwell as her
sheriff, making him responsible for training the town’s
militia and keeping the peace.


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