The bustling mercantile town of Triboar stands where
the Long Road meets the Evermoor Way. Triboar’s
name is thought to have come from a traveler’s tale of
slaying three boars here in the same day, over four hundred
winters ago. The town is built on flat, fertile land,
with a few natural rises here and there. Nearly half of
Triboar’s population lives outside the town proper, on
sprawling ranches and neighboring farmsteads, most of
which lie to the north or east.

The current lord protector of Triboar is a goodnatured
Harper and ex-adventurer named Darathra
Darathra enacts and modifies local laws
(known as “the Lord’s Decree”), which are then
enforced by the Twelve-a squad of a dozen mounted
warriors drawn from the militia.

Triboar is a market for the horses raised by nearby
ranches. Blacksmiths, harness-makers, and wagonworks
also flourish in town. In addition, a number of
guides operate out of Triboar. They take merchants and
other travelers all over the Sword Coast, typically for
stiff fees.


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