Goldenfields is a huge, walled temple-farm dedicated
to Chauntea, the goddess of agriculture. Called “the
Granary of the North,” it’s the only reason many Northerners
ever taste soft-fleshed fruit larger than bush berries.
Waterdeep and its neighbors consume the temple’s
reliable output: carefully husbanded grains and dried,
oil-packed, or salted foodstuffs preserved in vast storage
cellars, vats, and squat stone grain-towers.

Run by Abbot Ellardin Darovik, Goldenfields is a
stronghold of the Emerald Enclave. Members of that faction
are as welcome here as clergy of Chauntea; many
of them stay for months at a time to help with the work
and the vigilant defense of the farm against insects and
blights, as well as would-be vandals and plunderers.

Hired guards and adventurers patrol the walls and the
land immediately around them. Inside the farm, young
treants allied with the Emerald Enclave hide within
stands of trees, ready to animate trees to repel invaders.
More than five thousand people live and work in Goldenfields
year round, farming more than twenty square
miles of tillage in gangs of hard-working gardeners.


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