Harbin Wester

Townmaster of Phandalin


Harbin Wester is a lazy, old human male and the townmaster of Phandalin. Arguably the only official in town, Harbin serves as a judge in minor disputes and keeps any records that need to be kept. Something of a fool, the pompous townmaster has ignored the trouble caused by the Rebrands, dismissing them as nothing more than “just a mercenary guild”.

Townmaster Wester posted a bounty on a band of Orcs that were based near Wyvern Tor, east along the Triboar Trail.


Born and raised in Phandalin, Harbin was elected townmaster mainly due to the reputation of his deceased father as a noble leader. Many people regret his election, specially with the Rebdrand crisis.

Harbin Wester

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