Halia Thornton

guildmaster of the Phandalin Miner’s exchange


Curiously, Halia’s business is the only one not being hassled by the local Redbrand gang. She does, however, offer the party 100 gp to eliminate the Redbrand leader, Glasstaff, residing in the cellars beneath Tresendar Manor, instructing the adventurers to additionally bring her any correspondence found within his quarters.

And agent of Zhentarim in Phandalin. Ambitious and calculating, Halia has a great deal of influence in the town beyond that which would be expected of a simple merchant.



Halia has been living in Phandalin for only two years, time enough to raise the falling Phandalin Miner´s Exchange. Bussiness is her second name.

People believe she is from Baldur’s Gate due to her accent and connections to people from that city.

Halia Thornton

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