Elmar Barthen

Merchant owner of Barthen’s Provisions


Elmar Barthen is a old shopkeeper. Lean and bearded, Elmar is the proprietor of Barthen’s Provisions with his the help of his son, Anders, and daughter, Thistle.

Gundren Rockseeker had made arrangements with Barthen to ship provisions from Neverwinter to Phandalin as the the dwarf prepared to join his brothers in an exciting new discovery. However along the way, Barthen’s shipment, Gundren and his hired lieutenant Sildar, disappeared. Luckily the party eventually managed to return the supplies to Elmar. Sadly there´s no news of Gundren.


Elmar was one of the settlers who helped re-establish Phandalin. His shop helped bring all manner of supplies and equipment for those wishing to build a life in the rugged frontier. During this time, Elmar struck up a firm friendship with Gundren Rockseeker whose excited forays into the hills around Phandalin made generous use of Barthen’s Provisions.

Elmar Barthen

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