Sister Garaele

Elf cleric of Tymora (good of Luck), Head of a small shrine in Phandalin

Quest gave to the party: The Banshee´s bargain.
Convince Agatha the Banshee to answer a question about the location of a spellbook belonging to a powerful wizard named Bowgentle, flattering Agatha´s vanity with a silver comb.

Quest´s Location: abandoned settlement of Conyberry

Important message to the party

“Before leaving this plane, this person called Sildar, left you a message. He said that if the party can locate Cragmaw Castle, defeat the Goblin King and rescue Gundren, they can collect some money he left to his old friendDaran Edermath
The Elf never wants to speak about his old friend, but in order to show you are to be trusted, mention to him the phrase “Harpers of Waterdeep” that´s where we became friends.

Also, he mentioned that another old friend called Iarno Albrek a fellow captain of the old guard has vanished while exploring the area near Tresendar Manor about two months ago. Please bring back Arno, or what remains of him, if something killed him, back to Daran.

Iarno is short, dark bearded human wizard on his thirties.


While operating in Phandelver, she had been given the mission of seeking the whereabouts of the spellbook of Bowgentle by the Harpers. However after a treacherous journey to speak with its last known owner, Agatha, the banshee would not appear for her.

Sister Garaele seems to have been involved in a romantic relationship with a town guard called Oscar


Sister Garaele

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