Staci (AkA "Emma")

Deadly assassin and thief


True story
Staci is a dangerous assassin who deceived the party and made them release her for her Harpers custodians. She is on her way to murder a noble in the kingdom of Cormyr (Kingdom)

Old story:
Emma is a young female human who was put under the spell of a magic ring to bend his will to his captors, a Dwarf, and an Elf slavers. They made a stop in Phandalin at the Stonehill Inn on their way to Neverwinter. The party received a secret message from Emma asking for assistance and so on, that night they sneaked into the room and slaughtered the slavers releasing Emma blaming the Redbrands for the massacre.


Originally from Silverymoon, Emma is the daughter of a noble family of the area. After being released she ran away into the darkness of the night, thankful of the party for such a noble gesture.

Staci (AkA "Emma")

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